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With a lifetime spent building products, businesses and brands, elephas excels at helping clients just like you grow business success. Through our extensive knowledge and experience of outsourcing, branding, product design and project delivery we can help you to progress and prosper by cutting through obstacles, finding more hours and building effective and profit generating processes.

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As a long term product developer since the 80's we've taken all our content creation tools, experiences and proven processes to create ezecontent.com This provides online business owners, content creators, social media managers, copy writers and authors with a stream of content ideas and our proven processes to create and publish then. Eze Content offers a range of specific fast progress courses as well as a monthly membership for all those in need of a regular flow of new content. 

Find out how you can use our proven content creation and production process to accelerate your business at ezecontent.com

eze outsourcing

We've worked with outsourcers and as an outsourcer for over 30 years on projects ranging in size and complexity. We've taken that knowledge and experience and developed a range of end to end coaching courses and advanced programs to help online business owners use and thrive through outsourcing. 

Find out how you can use outsourcing to accelerate your business at ezeoutsourcing.com



I'm Colin Stevens, founder of elephas. Thank you for visiting our site. For over 30 years I've worked in product development and marketing delivering new ideas, brands and innovations. I've worked with and as an outsourcer and helped clients ranging from huge multi nationals such as Aviva and Barclays through to the smallest firms such as a local radio station and a Cornish expert fishing guide. In that time I've invented innovations such as the three words that aid anyone with a medical condition apply for life insurance, designed the first ever high street Bank environmental investment product and volunteered my time over four decades to help run and build a new school and an outdoor adventure group.

My passion is helping my clients save time, money and above all, effort so that their businesses can grow faster and be more profitable. When not working I enjoy fishing, painting and growing food.

If you'd like to talk about how we can help - it costs but a click.  

Our Team Members



Founder of elephas and a lifetime marketing outsourcer. Creator of a diverse range of real and virtual products.


film & sound expert

Claire provides essential input on all our video, audio and music projects ensuring they look and sound their best.  


cyber security specialist

Sam ensures all our sites are secure and up to date with the latest cyber protection and site software updates.


mindfulness companion

Mia is our VIP office companion providing helpful reminders of what the time is when she's not chasing things in her sleep.